Adam Lee

Adam wears: T-Shirt and Jacket by Overlord, and Pants by Mister Green


Tell us what you do and why you love to do it?

ADAM: First and foremost I’m a roller skater. I do that almost every single day. Around town, the beach, anywhere but the bus, they make me take them off on the bus. But I’m also an artist. And my little quarantine pod and I have been working with each other on different projects. You know, taking portraits one day, we did costumes the other day. Anything we can do to keep each other inspired, it's nice to be around other creative people to keep going.


What’s your favorite Secret LA spot?

ADAM: I like to walk downtown to The Row to get lunch. Next door there is a ten story high building that has this giant parking lot at the very top. Half of the parking lot is this beautiful terrace garden. So sometimes I go there to sit in the grass, eat my lunch, and enjoy the 360 view of downtown, the heights, and the city - it is really beautiful.

Adam wears: Shirt by MNC Atelier, and Pants by Knickerbocker


What is something you will never wear again after this winter and what are you excited to wear this spring?

ADAM: I’ve banished the scarf, I don’t believe in the scarf anymore. I’d rather wear a blanket than a scarf. I used to be really afraid of wearing colors, but this Spring I’m really excited to wear big, bold, colors. I’ve never been a pattern person or a color person, I’ve always worn more grey and blue, but this Spring I want neon green, orange, red, big bright colors now that we can finally go outside again.


What’s something new that you’ve learned recently?

ADAM: We should always ask for help, I think that’s something we’ve all learned since being stuck inside. It’s okay to call somebody when you need help and I don’t think we would have been able to get through this past year if we didn’t all learn that together. 

Adam wears: Shirt by Crossley, Jacket by Homme Boy, and Pants by MNC Atelier

Did you bake bread during quarantine?

ADAM: No, no, I didn’t make bread - not banana bread, not sourdough. But one of my favorite things that I’ve been trying to do every weekend is go to the farmers market on Sunday. When I’m there I talk to the vendors and the farmers and try to get inspired to make something new every week. 


Would you take Sunset or the Freeway?

ADAM: Definitely Sunset. I like that it goes through so many neighborhoods and how it kind of ties the city together. The freeway, I don’t know, there's nothing fun about it - you can’t keep the windows down, blast the music, and dance the whole way while you’re driving. Sunset is also just iconic, a big part of LA that I will never forget.