Alex Hood

Alex wears: Top by K.ingsley


Tell us what you do and why you love to do it?

ALEX: Right now I do freelance voiceover work, and I’m also working on my up and coming company called Bus Bum. Freelance voiceover work is really fun and creative and so is my new company! I also have a podcast called Tales from the Motherland, telling short stories and folklore from Africa.

What’s your favorite Secret LA spot?

ALEX: My favorite thing to do is go on picnics. It’s probably not a secret, but I love picnicking at Barnsdall Park.

Alex wears: Top by K.ingsley, Pants, and Bag by Simon Miller, Shoes by Reike Nen, Jewelry by Dea Dia

What is something you will never wear again after this winter and what are you excited to wear this spring?

ALEX: Something I will never wear again after this Winter is sweatpants. Something I'm excited to wear this Spring are long flowy skirts. I like pairing them with a high boot, so I'm really excited to do that. 

What’s something new that you’ve learned recently?

ALEX: I learned how to play the bass.

Did you bake bread during quarantine?

ALEX: No, but I did bake a lot of cookies and a lot of cake - I have a major sweet tooth. I’m gluten free, so I loved making peanut butter cookies with only peanut butter, it’s delicious. 

Alex wears: Turtleneck and Pants by Simonett, Chainmaille top by Dauphinette, Earrings by Ninfa, and Shoes by Reike Nen

Would you take Sunset or the Freeway?

ALEX: Sunset because I’m kind of afraid to drive and I don’t enjoy the LA Freeway.