Born and raised in California, Anita left the fashion industry to become a death doula and immerse herself into the end of life care community. She started an initiative to repurpose event flowers for hospice in 2018 and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has since evolved into a floral company called Guided by Flowers with a business model of “buy a bouquet, gift a bouquet to someone in hospice”. Anita also co-leads death-conscious workshops as part of her community offerings. 

Tell us what you do and why you love to do it?

I’m a death conscious florist, a death doula, and I host death workshops. I love it because it brings people together and I think that's very important because we don’t talk about death as a society, so I love to help people come to terms with that.

What’s your favorite Secret LA spot?

I’m going to say Radio Hill, which is a park in LA next to Dodger Stadium that literally nobody goes to. It’s the perfect place to have a very quiet picnic, and at night it gets pitch black so it’s great for watching fireworks. I love it!

What is something you will never wear again after this winter and what are you excited to wear this summer?

I will never wear sweatpants again, ever. And what I look forward to are little Summer matching sets, I think those are really cute.

What’s something new that you’ve learned recently?

I learned how to run a small business!

Did you bake bread during quarantine?

I didn’t, but I ate a lot of bread!

Would you take Sunset or the Freeway?

I would actually take the freeway! I think there are so many things that are interesting that people miss, so I would like to take the freeway.