A wearer of many hats (literally and figuratively), Brenna is a writer focusing on art, fashion and culture, a celebrity stylist and creative strategist for both corporate and boutique brands. She's worked everywhere from Vogue to Glamour, launched Refinery29 in LA and has consulted for entities ranging from SiriusXM to the Kardashian-Jenners. An avid tennis player, ravenous reader and frequent hiker/yogi, she lives in Malibu with her son, Calder, and dog, Mick Jagger. 

Tell us what you do and why you love to do it?

I'm a writer and a creative consultant. And I just think a good narrative, there's nothing like it. Ideating is the most inspiring, spontaneous, fabulous thing to do, especially when great minds come together to do it.

What’s your favorite Secret LA spot?

Girl, do I even want to divulge? I'm not sure! Up until fairly recently Squaresville in Los Filez was an under the radar amazing vintage spot. But it’s still never completely raided even though everybody knows about it, so mad props to Squaresville. In terms of nature, I would say Little Dume Beach. It's near where I live and there's this mystical and magical path down to it. You're sort of in the woods, exploring, thinking you're in the wrong spot, then out of nowhere there are these two Adirondacks in this limestone cliff and then the waves start crashing and you have arrived.

What is something you will never wear again after this winter and what are you excited to wear this summer?

I really did get dressed all of covid, if I'm being honest. I needed to live, needed to survive, lipstick, earrings, give me all the accessories, I don't care if no one sees it. It's like that phrase “dance like no ones watching”, get dressed like nobody’s there, survival. I’m excited to get as glitzy and glam as humanly possible. Sequins, caftans, all of my vintage is getting all the love, I’ve missed my clothing more than anything. Also heels baby, I'm 5’2 so give me all the height! Let’s boogie!

What’s something new that you’ve learned recently?

I think I've always lived my life in this manner, but this last year has certainly hammered it home - I will never judge anyone for anything. This time has gotten so political and cuckoo, even people who I don't agree with politically, how can I judge them? They are informed by their past trauma, their childhood experiences, the news they ingest and digest. I really and truly feel like we are just trying to survive, covid or not, let's remember that every day, no judgement, everyone is doing the best they can. And as a mom too, man that one is even more poignant. 

Did you bake bread during quarantine?

I did not bake bread during quarantine, but I made a cocktail a day for a good four months. I was putting in CBD infused liquids, I got very gourmet. They were actually quite artistic! I would photograph them every day up against a different piece of art, it was its own bizarre form of expression. 

Would you take Sunset or the Freeway?

I would rather take Sunset any day of the week. There's always a sight to see and soak in, an outfit to study, someone doing something overtly cooky or dangerous or over the top. What better way to sit in traffic than to enjoy and soak in LA?