Sissy and Eddie

Sissy wears: Top and Pants by Simonett, Shoes and Bag by Simon Miller, Jewelry by Alighieri. Eddie wears: Top and Pants by Han Kjobenhavn



Tell us what you do and why you love to do it?

Sissy: I’m a stylist, but I also partner with brands and wear the clothes myself. I love styling lookbooks and campaigns and being a part of the team behind beautiful images of garments on models, but I also love the creative freedom of self-styled shoots. I think it’s good for clothes to be seen and worn by people of various ages and sizes. Seeing clothes only on 5’10” teenagers is a wonderfully youthful fantasy but not always the most helpful to the buying community. During this strange last year I also directed a series of music videos for Eddie’s album release. Because of the pandemic, we could only work with a tiny crew—I loved seeing what we could create within our limitations.

Eddie: I’ve been making music since I was a child—it’s my quiet place. It’s always been a way for me to understand what's going on with me and how I’m feeling. My lyrics have always been written like a stream of consciousness, so I’m always surprised at the content of my songs.

What’s something new that you’ve learned recently?

Sissy: I learned a method for emotional healing that has shifted my perspective on some past traumas and given me a different outlook on my present.

Eddie: Minimalism is good. I spent quarantine basically doing a year-long spring clean and it feels good.

Sissy wears: Top by Priscavera, Skirt and Shoes by Simon Miller, Earrings by Alighieri, Necklace by Legie

“Sometimes there’s nothing sexier than taking a drive from one end of Sunset to another on a beautiful day!”

Sissy wears: Dress by Danielle Guizio, Bag and Shoes by Simon Miller, Jewelry by Alighieri

Did you bake bread during quarantine?

Sissy: I attempted once but it was a fail.

Eddie: No, but we ordered in food like crazy. We felt so badly for all of the small businesses that we love and the hardship they were facing so we tried to give them as much of our business as we could.

Eddie wears: Top by Rowing Blazers

Would you take Sunset or the Freeway?

Sissy: Oh, sometimes there’s nothing sexier than taking a drive from one end of Sunset to another on a beautiful day!

Eddie: Absolutely Sunset. You haven’t done LA until you’ve driven Sunset to the beach at sunset with the windows down and music blasting.