Rosie La Jaguara - Blanket



Blanket by Rosie La Jaguara

For the launch of our Art at Home Series, we worked with local LA artists to create limited edition American-made Pillows and Blankets. We asked the artists for their take on the idea of an Endless Summer, which in LA is more a state of mind than a moment in time. 

Part of an ongoing series, the Art at Home collection is part of our FredGives program, which gives a % of proceeds to LA-based charities and educational opportunities.

Rosie La Jaguara is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles. Her paintings are developed from the sketches and poems filling summer journals which are also translated into her line of unisex silk shirts.

  • 54”x70”
  • Mix of spun cotton and recycled cotton. Recycled cotton contains trace amounts of polyester fiber to maintain its strength
  • Spot Clean. Dry Clean Only
  • Made in the USA