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Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle

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Conjures memories of late summer dinner parties in Sicily.

We worship the tomato. Ripe, supple and bursting with juice, the scent of the heirloom tomato catapults us to memories of late summer dinner parties in Sicilian gardens and awakens pleasure in all our uncommon senses.


100% Vegetable Wax Cotton Wick Fully Recyclable Glass Hand Poured in Los Angeles Our candles are packaged in boxes with an FSC certification, which means they were made using materials from responsibly managed forests, including some recycled paper products. The soy wax in our candles is non-GMO and grown in the USA.

Material Content: Glass

Sustainably Made in USA


When burning your candle for the first time, allow it to burn for 2 to 3 hours (but never more than 4), until the top layer of the wax has completely melted. This will prevent the wax from tunneling around the wick. Ideally, we recommend keeping the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times to prevent the candle from emitting smoke or the wick falling into the wax. After each burn, see that the wick is centered in the wax. This will also ensure that the glass does not overheat. The wick and flame should never be touching the glass.

Size Guide

Carton Size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 4.75" Candle Size: 3.25" x 3.25" x 3.5"