WINNER - Madelen Nyau

Madelen Nyau Madelen Nyau

About: T1TAN STUDIOS is an exploration of the infinite possibilities and probabilities in the realm of design. It's truly a conversation between the conscious and subconscious mind to create a world of ingenuity and curiosity. Conceptually driven by science, psychology and quantum mechanics are subjects they want to further study and understand. They find themselves materializing that inner dialog of understanding and questioning. The brand name T1TAN is derived from greek mythology, and it tells the story of the great old ones who were defeated, but never stopped trying to reclaim their power. Madelens goal with T1TAN STUDIOS, is to create silhouettes and garments that empower the physical flesh and spirit to handle any adversity experienced. The purpose is to continue to study the human mind and reality is to find ways to heal one's mind and spirit, through the material to have a better human experience on earth. Clothes are extremely powerful and essential components to our lives, and they strongly believe they can create garments that enhance and highlight one's power.

FINALIST - Hector Diaz

Hector Diaz Hector Diaz

About: Kurriizmatic (Charismatic) is a non-gender confirming bespoke streetwear brand that prides itself on being 100 percent sustainable in all its endeavors. Kuriizma (Charisma) has committed to only using 2nd hand clothing and garments to produce their garments to make a stand against overproduction and waste within the industry. They aim to make affordable unique clothing for people of all shapes and sizes. Over the past year and half Kuriizma has shown people that you can do what you put your mind to, without having to have a major budget, or unlimited resources at your disposal. They work with what's around them instead of what they could have. Their brand started off as a dream and they hope to show the world their vision for a free society from gender, waste, and simply focus on what is something we all share in common: the clothes we wear.

FINALIST - Nana Kwame Adusei

Nana Kwame Adusei Nana Kwame Adusei

About: Hailing from Ghana West Africa, Kwame Adusei is the spawn of designer Nana Kwame Adusei. Kwame Adusei is the culmination of West African roots translated to a global audience with a perspective founded in modernity, sophistication, and sexy. Kwame Adusei, founded in 2021, focuses on exploring and creating concepts stemming from the common points between juxtaposed cultures, with an emphasis on quality, inclusivity and ethics.

FINALIST - Paulina Ho

Paulina Ho Paulina Ho

About: Paulina Ho (or Paulina Pizza on the internet) is a designer and artist based in NYC who runs a small-batch shop of art and miscellany. They create a range of experiments that are designed for fun, with the intention to hopefully uplift people somehow.

FINALIST - Terrence Haynes Jr.

Terrence Haynes Jr. Terrence Haynes Jr.

About: T+H is a visual embodiment of the lifestyle Terrence inspired for growing up. The workwear of Detroit. Growing up in southeast Michigan, fashion was and will always be a staple in the culture. When Terrence created T+H he wanted to give people the grittiness of the street with the design and aesthetic of a luxury brand. T+H strives to give lessons to the youth through clothing, hoping to in turn not just enhance their fashion sense or closet, but to enhance their mind and growth. For Terrence building up our youth is the most important thing. Having to approach people in different ways, especially young black kids that look like him, because everyone comprehends things the same way. Everyone doesn’t learn in the classroom or on the job. You have to be intentional when thinking of other ways to creatively get the attention of kids, and that's what they’ve done and will continue to do at T+H.


We've partnered again with the Black in Fashion Council, an organization dedicated to securing the advancement of people of color within the industry, to launch the second annual Season Zero design contest presented by Mastercard. This is a nationwide contest for early stage designers and artisans in an effort to provide a platform for unestablished members of the fashion and creative industries.


  • The grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 Mastercard grant + coveted pop-up showcasing the designer’s work at Fred Segal retail store and online at + prestigious mentorship opportunity.

To be considered, applicants must meet the following criteria

  • Be an emerging designer or artisan within the fashion and creative industries without a current brick and mortar or retail footprint.
  • Submit 10-15 digital files of personal designs (of which you own the rights to).
  • Provide a bio, vision for your brand and video (video optional)

Entry Deadline: March 15th, 2022 - CLOSED

See Official Rules