Creepers 2Faced
Creepers 2Faced
Creepers 2Faced
Creepers 2Faced
Creepers 2Faced
Creepers 2Faced

Creepers 2Faced





Creepers 2Faced by Unreal.Fields

You don’t have to trust them, they’re just shoes. 2faced platform creepers come
in a combination of vibrant metallic leather and soft calf leather. Finished with a statement lightweight (Vi-Lite) sole and cushioned insole for extra comfort.

  • UPPER - Metallic Lambskin and Soft Calf Leather 
  • LINING - Calf leather
  • INSOLE - Lined with calf leather plus an extra layer of cork cushioning for comfort
  • SOLE - Vi-Lite (Vibram)* 
  • Handcrafted in Portugal

* A Note on VIBRAM Vi-Lite - features the ultimate in lightweight, shock absorption cushioning, for maximum energy conservation. Benefits: Ultimate in lightness | Optimum balance of lightness and durability

How to clean them
Calf Leather: No products needed! Simply rub a damp cloth to remove dirt.
Metallic leather: Clean your metallic leather with a soft damp cloth. To add luster and maintain the finish, buff with leather cream and a soft clean cloth. Use gentle strokes when cleaning and buffing as metallic leather is prone to scuffs and abrasion.

How to dry your shoes
If you do not want to end up with misshapen shoes, let them dry naturally. To speed up the process, stuff them with tissue or newspaper, it will absorb the moisture. Check them in an hour, and if necessary, remove the paper and replace it with fresh, dry pieces.

How to store your shoes
Make sure your shoes are clean, otherwise you will find it really hard to get the dirt out. Keep them in a dry area and inside their boxes or bags to avoid any dust (it can leave grey marks especially on suede). Since suede and leather materials need to breathe, do not pack those shoes in plastic.
To keep your shoes even more protected, stuff the toe end with balled paper (not a newspaper, it can color stain your shoes).
If your laces require cleaning, remove from shoes and hand wash in a small container using laundry detergent and warm water.
The better you look after your shoes, the longer they will last! "