Keith Haring SoundQube
Keith Haring SoundQube

Keith Haring SoundQube





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In 1985, late legendary artist Keith Haring created a series of Pop Shop AM-FM mixed-media radios painted with his iconic three-eyed monster character. Art collectible platform, ToyQube, has now partnered with the Keith Haring Foundation and Artestar licensing group to dispatch a more modernized line of radios inspired by the artistss original versions.

The reimagined art objects are fully-functional multimedia speakers that will arrive in three, vibrant colorways: green, black, and blue. Measuring 4"x4"x1.75" each, the miniature speakers are Bluetooth compatible and come complete with an SD card reader for MP3 playback and a mini USB port.

Size: 4” x 4” x 1.75”