RB Croquet Stripe Crew Socks
RB Croquet Stripe Crew Socks

RB Croquet Stripe Crew Socks





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Before Rowing Blazers launched, we wanted to design an eye-catching stripe that recalls the wild "deck-chair" stripes of club blazers often seen (even today) at Henley Royal Regatta, Cambridge, and Oxford. Armed only with Microsoft Paint, and using the stripes of a vintage croquet wicket for inspiration, co-founder and former national champion oarswoman Keziah Beall designed what would become the brand's signature stripe. Rowing Blazers has made jackets for both men and women in the house Croquet Stripe since day 1, and they've graced the backs of icons from actor Will Ferrell to Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh. Now for the first time on socks.

Crazy high quality cotton crew socks, fabricated to keep your feet dry and cozy. High quality cotton knit. One size fits most.

Made in Portugal