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Sang Geun Jeon Ceramic Diffuser Set - Paradise 124




Created in collaboration with South Korean artist Sang Geun Jeon

Made with Gwiyal technique, Gwiyal is a coarse brush made of pig or horsehair. With the technique and his own developed glaze and the suitable way to apply it, the surface expresses and accentuates unstructured texture with the black soil gives a heavy feel.

His artworks’ motif is Jegi. Jegi is a tableware used for ancestral rites in Korea-usually has thick heels. Jegi is a dish for special guests as well. The octagonal heel on the cups and bowls traditionally means the values of health, friendship, and wealth.


Ceramic Diffuser Set

Glazed Ceramic

Made in South Korea

How to use: Open the diffuser oil and spray enough drops to dampen the ceramic balls in the porcelain.
When the scent is gone, spray one or two more drops according to your preference to adjust the scent.


Handle with care to prevent the damage.
Place a coaster or plate under your diffuser to prevent oil drips from damaging furniture.

Size Guide

H 10cm x W 9cm x D 6cm x Stone 9cm

The entire process of the work is done manually and may differ slightly from the size listed above.