The Flame Of Desire Locket Necklace



The Flame of Desire Locket is handcrafted from 24kt gold plated bronze, in Hatton Garden, London. It is often thought that Dante Alighieri wrote the “Divine Comedy” as a love letter to Beatrice Portinari - a woman he longed to be with. The Flame of Desire Locket is our ode to Dante and Bea’s fraught love affair. The surreal heart shape amulet embodies the complexity of love and the ups and downs that it brings. The function of the locket has played an important role in many different cultures from the Egyptians to the Victorians - to hold a person close to your heart. The Alighieri locket is a modern take on this inherently personal heirloom. Hide a secret treasure within it or keep it open as a blank canvas for all of love’s possibilities.


  • Length: 60cm


  • Color: Gold
  • Material Content: 100% Gold Plated Bronze
  • Weight: 19.9 Grams
  • Care: To keep your 24 karat gold-plated or sterling silver heirlooms as shiny as possible, we advise you to avoid contact with water, perfumes, lotions or cosmetics. Swimming, showering or exercise is not recommended, as it will tarnish the metals over time.
  • Sustainable
  • Made in United Kingdom


Designer Rosh Mahtani is driven by telling stories through the universal language of jewelry, with each of her modern heirloom pieces celebrating the beauty of human imperfection and vulnerability. The demi-fine brand is rooted in literature and art, which is why the fragmented talismans are sculpted in wax, a spiritual and cathartic process that dates back centuries.

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