Trifecta Crewneck Sweater
Trifecta Crewneck Sweater
Trifecta Crewneck Sweater
Trifecta Crewneck Sweater

Trifecta Crewneck Sweater





Trifecta Crewneck Sweater by Mister Green

Mister Green™ GEAR Edition Logo Hooded Sweatshirt is a soft washed, cotton, ring spun 10oz heavy-weight hooded sweatshirt with screen printed graphics, rubber GEAR patch, and Peace Logo wrist patch.

Garment washed for extra softness, this hooded sweatshirt has been hand screen printed and one should take extra care when cleaning this garment if they do not wish for a rapid fading pattern or discoloration of the ink. We recommend washing cold on a gentle cycle, and hang drying. If you prefer it ‘vintage’ or ‘distress’ quicker, go to town and wash it however.

About Mister Green™ Gear:

Gear is equipment and supplies for a range of outdoor related activity such as camping, hiking, climbing, backpacking and fishing.

For many, Los Angeles is synonymous with morning urban hikes, instagrammed from places like Runyon Canyon and Griffiths Park. Lesser recognized (and geotagged) is Stoney Point, a small suburban park and one of the first ever known sites for bouldering. “Stoney” has been the initial training ground for some of the world’s most notable rock climbing legends, who would make history for their feats in the Yosemite Valley and beyond.

“Give yourself to the mountain,” is a phrase often recited by famed restaurateur Michael McCarty to his patrons. One evening after meeting a filmmaker named John Boorman at dinner, quoted the line to him. McCarty gushed the words were from a scene in Zardoz (1974), his favorite in any movie ever– a moment where Sean Connery instructs Charlotte Rampling to “give <herself> to the mountain,” whose meaning was quite literally to have sexual intercourse with a mountain. Boorman, equally surprised and confused replied “I wrote Zardoz, and that scene isn’t in it!”

McCarty later admitted that he saw Zardoz during a double header with the film Holy Mountain (which contains the scene) in Paris sometime in the 1970s, and the two movies in combination with some “potent Moroccan hash, merged them into one film.” Ultimately, the crew at Mister Green felt a certain kinship with the quote as avid outdoorsy folks and wannabe dirt-bag climbers, and the romantic haze that created it.

Introducing Mister Green™ Gear, give yourself to the mountain.