Vie En Rose Mile High Ultra Hydrating Mist



Infuse your skin with some big-time CBD love within our Cannaroseª Complex. It adds a veil of collagen-boosting euphoria to dry, sensitive skin at a momentÕs notice. This luxe travel-companion is blooming with life-giving Alpine rose stem cells, 30 potent botanicals, nourishing antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory vitamins. Get plump, tightened, and refreshed from an anti-aging blend that helps reverse free radical damage and environmental stress for skin that looks and feels extra yummy. All this skin-zen makes our Ultra-Calming Mist the luxe calming spray to help turn sensitive, irritated skin into a personal paradise thatÕs like a vacation in a bottle.

Size: 2oz. / 60ml.


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ARTCADE hosts curated exhibitions activated around imagination, themes and creativity. Every aspect of the exhibition is epically curated to showcase some of the world’s rarest digital NFT creations alongside cutting-edge contemporary mediums, collectibles and game-inspired, fashion-forward merchandise.

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